My published research spans Australia, Canada and the U.S., focusing on affordable housing and transport equity/justice.


(DEC 2016) PhD. in Geography, University of California, Davis,

(JUNE 2013) Masters in Public Policy, Oregon State University,

(JUNE 2010) B.A. in History, University of California, Santa Cruz

Recent Publications

Liu, R., Palm, M., Shalaby, A. & Farber, S. (2020). “A social equity lens on bus bridging and ride-hailing responses to unplanned subway disruptions” Journal of Transport Geography DOI:

Palm, M., Farber, S., Shalaby, A. & Young, M. (2020). “Equity Analysis and New Mobility Technologies: Towards Meaningful Interventions” Journal of the Planning Literature DOI:

Heyer, J., Palm, M., Niemeier, D. (2020) “Are we keeping up? Accessibility, Equity and Air Quality in Regional Planning.” Journal of Transport Geography. DOI:

Warren-Myers, G, McRae, E., Raynor, K & Palm, M. (2019) Investigating Affordable Housing Initiatives and Development Feasibility. Pacific Rim Property Journal DOI:

Palm, M., Shalaby, A. & Farber, S. “Whose Buses Run on Time? The Social Equity of Bus On-Time Performance in Canada’s Largest City” Transportation Research Record DOI:

Palm, M., & Farber, S. (2020). The role of public transit in school choice and after-school activity participation among Toronto high school students. Travel Behaviour and Society19, 219-230.  

Palm, M. Whitzman, C. (2019) Housing Needs Assessments in San Francisco, Vancouver and Melbourne: normative science or neoliberal alchemy? Housing Studies. DOI: 10.1080/02673037.2019.1636001

Palm, M. Niemeier, D. (2018) Does Placing Affordable Housing Near Rail Raise Development Costs? Evidence From California’s Four Largest MPOs. Housing Policy Debate, Vol. 28(2), pp. 180-198.

Wang, B., Palm, M., Vogt, R., & Wang, Y. (2016) Does Bicycle Network Stress Level Explain Bicycle Travel Behavior? Mixed Results From an Oregon Case Study. Transport Geography, Vol. 57, pp. 8-18.

Raynor, K., Palm, M. & Warren-Myers, G. (forthcoming) “’Ambiguous, confusing and not delivering enough housing’: What negotiations theory can teach us about voluntary affordable housing agreements.” Journal of the American Planning Association.

Palm, M., Raynor, K. & Warren-Myers, G. (2020). “Examining Building Age, Rental Housing and Filtering for Affordability in Melbourne, Australia” Urban Studies DOI:

Young, M., Farber, S. & Palm, M. (2020). “The true cost of sharing: A detour penalty analysis of UberPool trips” Transportation Research Part D DOI:

Palm, M. & Niemeier, D. (2018) Measuring the Effect of Private Transport Job Accessibility on Rents: The Case of the “Google Buses.” Transport Findings.

Palm, M. (2018) Scale in Housing Policy: A Case Study of the Potential for Small Area Fair Market Rents to Improve Voucher Access to Opportunity. Cityscape, Vol. 20(1), pp. 147-166.

Palm, M. Niemeier, D. (2017) The Potential for Achieving Regional Housing Planning Objectives Through State-Enforced “Fair Share” Mandates, Journal of the American Planning Association, Vol. 83(4), pp. 377-388.

Palm, M. Handy, S. (2016) Sustainable Transportation At the Ballot Box: A Disaggregate Analysis Of The Relative Importance of User Travel Mode, Values and Self-Interest, Transportation, pp. 1-21.

Palm, M., Gregor, B., Wang, H. and McMullen, S. (2014) Population Density and Households’ Transportation and Housing Cost Trade-Offs.  Transport Policy, Vol. 36, pp.160-172.


University of Toronto St. George, 2020

  • Intro to Transportation Geography and Planning, 3rd year undergraduate course (4.8/5.0 student evaluation)

University of Washington, 2019-2020

  • Environmental Assessment And Analysis, Masters of Sustainable Transportation(4.8/5.0)

University of Melbourne, 2018

  • Intro to Transport and Land Use, Masters of Urban Planning(4.8/5.0)
  • Housing Markets, Policy and Planning, Masters of Urban Planning (4.4/5.0)
  • Supervised Masters of Property and Masters of Urban Planning thesis.

University of California, Davis

  • Graduate Seminar on Housing and Transport Integration, Transport, Technology and Policy (4.8/5.0)
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