Is This Urban, Suburban, Rural?

Last year most of my Ur-101 students said “rural.” (This was after a lecture and some activities about how we define urban versus rural and why it matters for how we think about human societies.) I think this is an urban pattern of living. This always spurs interesting discussion about what these words really meanContinue reading “Is This Urban, Suburban, Rural?”

Parking Ticket Data + Registration Data = !

Sometimes this blog is just a place to drop ideas that I think would be fun to do regardless of whether or not they are particularly ‘scholarly.’ Here’s one. NYC posts data for every parking ticket issued in the entire city. It appears to include license plate number. So. The government also has access toContinue reading “Parking Ticket Data + Registration Data = !”

COVID-19 Transit Bailouts By Country

Can we compare what different countries are doing to keep public transit agencies afloat during COVID-19? How does the USA compare? In the USA an estimated 7,778,444 people commuted by Public Transit in the 2019 ACS. The government provided $25 billion to transit agencies in CARES and another $14 billion in the latest round ofContinue reading “COVID-19 Transit Bailouts By Country”

Putting Consumer Surplus for Transport in Lay Terms

Hey Blogosphere friends.  Its been a while. I’m doing some knowledge translation work for Mobilizing Justice, the research program I work for… And to that end am experimenting with plain-language explanations for what Consumer Surplus (aka the log sum) actually is. Here is a first stab.  Does this do it justice? Is it accurate butContinue reading “Putting Consumer Surplus for Transport in Lay Terms”

Towards A Statutory Definition of Luxury Housing

It’s Friday and it’s over 38 degrees outside (Over 101 F) so I want to play around with this idea while waiting for some code to run: If jurisdictions hope to tax luxury development (to discourage it, to limit it, or to redistribute the profits it produces), then they need a definition of luxury housingContinue reading “Towards A Statutory Definition of Luxury Housing”

Housing Developments at the Ballot Box: Does Enough Inclusionary Make The Difference?

Davis, my favourite “slow growth/de-growth” town, has passed its second YIMBY verdict on a housing development proposal in 2018.  This one concerns a truly peripheral senior housing development with ample on-site inclusionary senior housing and a grab-bag of on-site amenities, including a wellness centre, pool and restaurant.  More importantly, the site has waaaay more inclusionaryContinue reading “Housing Developments at the Ballot Box: Does Enough Inclusionary Make The Difference?”

Developer strategies to win at the ballot: A Greenfield Win in Davis?

Davis, California is the “sustainability capitol of the world” according to the terminator-Governor of the state.  The city has some of the strictest growth control laws in California, a growth-control oriented state generally.  Voters must approve any development on open space or agricultural land and so far 1 out of five or six projects haveContinue reading “Developer strategies to win at the ballot: A Greenfield Win in Davis?”

Don’t Sell Off Public Land Right Before A Population Boom

The State of Victoria is selling off land around several of its inner-city Public Housing estates to pay for the renewal of 1,100 units on these estates.  They could just rebuild all the buildings with public funds.  My colleagues and I haven’t been given access to the cost data that would be necessary to estimateContinue reading “Don’t Sell Off Public Land Right Before A Population Boom”

Putting Wiener’s Bills Together

On this blog I’ve played around a little bit with how SB 828 might change which California jurisdictions will be required to plan for a significant increase in anticipated housing need.  In this piece I want to link that back to SB 827 and SB 35 and try to envision or imagine, in a broadContinue reading “Putting Wiener’s Bills Together”