Snowplow Equity?

A few weeks ago I learned that NYC puts all its snowplow data online–so you could see who got their streets cleared first, etc., and map it onto commute routes and do some kind of equity analysis.

Should I? Should you? It would be so much fun as a data exercise (assuming you didn’t find anything problematic, in which case it would be distressing). But would it be the kind of paper someone would think “that certainly was a high priority piece?”

From a tenure committee standpoint: the answer is probably no. An equity issue with something like this is mostly going to be an optimization problem, so it doesn’t have the quality the ‘wicked problems’ that academics spend their lives on. However, for someone looking for a project to learn postgis with, it could be a great case study.

Community leaders say: we want public plowing – OPSEU SEFPO


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