Ideal Alt-Ac Job #4: Right of Return Coordinator


4.  Right Of Return Coordinator, City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is looking for an energetic people person to lead the new Right of Return divisions of the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA).  California’s newly passed legislation (SB 827) requires each locality with transit rich up-zoned neighborhoods to establish a Right of Return (RoR) program to ensure residents displaced from redevelopment are allocated units in new buildings as close to their original homes as possible or provided vouchers.

30%:  Develop and implement an outreach and service plan to counsel displaced residents and match them with new accommodations.

10%: Develop forecasts for RoR services based on permitting information and census data and ensure outreach and service plan is aligned to meet anticipated need.

20%: Develop an RoR voucher program for submission to the city council for approval.

10%: Collaborate with other HCIDLA units to identify state and federal funds to support RoR oriented developments; coordinate with other units to ensure displaced residents receive priority access to current and future HCIDLA managed properties.

30%: Manage a team of counselors and coordinators to effectively meet benchmark goal.

We have a statutory goal set by the council to have this division achieve a 90% rate of return of displaced people at rents no more than 5% of the pre-law baseline and no more than an average of three miles from their original homes.  Are you up to the challenge?


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