#InflatableCities #BounceHausUrbanism

I feel like a lot of the “Urbanist” space out there on the interwebs is a scam.  We are so desperate to find to new ways of doing things that we jump on all kinds of ideas for their novelty, efficiency, or ability to repackage something old as something new, like when Toyota re-invented the bus.  In this fine tradition, I’d like to repackage something already done into my own conceptual scam: #InflatableCities, or #BounceHausUrbanism.

Look, we are faced with climate change, raging inequality and our society’s fundamental refusal to look at capital and the financialisation of everything, we need a new way to live…

So what we really need is: #InflatableCities#BounceHausUrbanism.

Not just another bourgeois fad! I swear! VCs please email meeee!

Published by mattdpalm

Doctoral Student UC Davis USDOT Graduate Eisenhower Fellow 2014-2015

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