Engaging Topics In Transport + Land Use


I am prepping to teach a course on Transport and Land Use in the first semester of 2018 here in Melbourne.  I’ve been encouraged to push my students to see transport planning beyond the lenses of traditional four step modelling and mode-choice questions, and to inspire them to consider all the major changes underway in our society and their implication for transport planning.  To that end, my syllabus provides a list of hypothetical paper topics to get my students’ thinking that I’m sharing below.  Do any pique your interest? What paper topics would you want to write about in a class on transport and land use?

  • Telecommuting and 3D Printing: the end of origin-destination modelling as we know it?
  • Gender equity in cycling: not just for spandex dudebros anymore
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: what are we really measuring?
  • Why is my street Uber-jammed?
  • Aboriginal mobilities in Urban Australia
  • Sex appeal and mobility: is our love affair with cars over?
  • Best practices for safe routes to school
  • Designing inclusive public transport
  • The lessons from congestion pricing schemes around the world
  • Is high speed rail feasible for Australia?
  • Reducing bicycle crashes in rapidly changing cities: what we know
  • Social justice and air quality around highways
  • The role of transportation preferences in residential location decisions
  • Transport in the just city
  • Electric bikes in China: alternative to driving?
  • The high cost of free parking
  • Can we expand transport without gentrifying communities?
  • Amazon, drones and the end of freight as we know it
  • Reducing emissions from transport: what can be done?
  • Designing multimodal public spaces: lessons from Amsterdam
  • Pavement equity: whose roads are in the worst shape?
  • Transport for whom? The Google bus and the destruction of San Francisco
  • The politics of transportation: why some projects fail to win public support
  • Reducing drink driving through travel demand management
  • Parking at TOD hubs: just, why?



Published by mattdpalm

Doctoral Student UC Davis USDOT Graduate Eisenhower Fellow 2014-2015

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