Aussie-U.S. Housing Policy Translator

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Technical Terms Technical Terms
Down Payment Deposit
Deposit Bond
Appraiser/Appraisal Valuer/Valuation
Real Estate Property
Mortgage Interest Deduction (owner-occupied)
Mortgage Interest Deduction (investment home) Negative Gearing
Single Room Occupancy (SROs) Rooming Houses
Homelessness/homeless Rough sleeping/rough sleepers
CEQA lawsuits (California only) 3rd party appeals
Granny flats/ADUs Laneway units/ADUs
Chapter 40B (Massachusetts only) Ministerial approval
 Apartments/ multifamily build to rent
 Condos Apartments
Policy Approaches/Programs Policy Approaches/Programs
Section 8 voucher/housing voucher Commonwealth Rental Assistance
Low Income Housing Tax Credit National Rental Affordability Scheme
Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, HOPE VI Public Housing Renewal
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Inclusionary Zoning
Density Bonusses

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