3 Crazy Housing/Planning Ideas

Prepping for a move to Australia, doing side jobs to pay for said moves, and doing other things… haven’t been able to blog.  But want to throw some out-there ideas to stimulate thinking:

  1.  San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles.  What do they all have in common? Lots of homeless folks and lots of harbour. So… Let’s re-purpose old cruise ships into homeless shelters.  That’s got to be cheaper on a per-bed basis, and the lifespan may not be significantly shorter if the ships stay in the harbours.
You see a ship. I see housing!

2.  If California is going to pour billions of dollars into our transit systems, then we need to ensure they will work.  The state should take direct control of land use planning within 3/4ths of a mile of each transit station of funded systems.  Our transit and affordable housing dollars will go further if they are all used in concert by one actor. “coordination” isn’t working.

Use it Or Lose It

3.  Let’s found a new Bay Area growth pole… a few square miles (8-10) near an edge BART station or station under construction (hi South/East Bay!)…. with some minimum density requirements (no maximums!) and see what happens.



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Doctoral Student UC Davis USDOT Graduate Eisenhower Fellow 2014-2015

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